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Wedding Favours - Where Did It Start?


In each wedding, the bride and groom would show their appreciation to their visitors by handing out wedding favours. The tradition of giving wedding favours dates back to the European aristocrats of France, in which it was utilized as presents which were normally handed out to the visitors ahead of the wedding event. These were often known as ‘bonbonniere', which means symbolic of good luck. The good luck was meant for all the guest who came to the wedding. The usual items that were given were sugar cubes and delicate sweets.

Since sugar is known as an expensive item, giving them would symbolize their stand in society. That is why only a minimal people can give Bonbonnieres. However, as the price of sugar lessened as time passes, the tradition of providing presents to wedding visitors slowly became popular with the populace generally. As time passed by, almonds coated with sugar or Confetti (sugared almonds today) has slowly been replaced bonbonnieres. These sugared almonds comes in groups of five when handing them off to the guests these days. These means long life, happiness, fertility, wealth and health. These would also represent the bitter sweetness of a matrimony.

Today, any visitors that show up at the wedding will sure to bring home special souvenir from the bride and groom in the form of wedding favours; this is done to give thanks to them for their time invested in attending the ceremony. This is a practice which is shared in cultures across the world. These wedding favours would vary from traditional sugared almonds to scented soaps, candles, wine glasses or personalized champagne; whichever would match the concept of the wedding best. A great idea for these items would be customized glasses.

With all the wedding favour ideas available, one might have a difficult time in selecting the appropriate souvenir. For individuals who wish to stick to the traditional wedding practices, little boxes filled with sugared almonds must be considered. Lovers can also select customized wedding favours. In fact more lovers are picking wedding favours. With customized wedding favours, the couple can complement it with the concept of their wedding and invitations, and they could even place a short message on the souvenir.

You can also make your wedding favours. You can anticipate that all of the efforts you exerted will be valued by the visitors. There are lots of artistic concepts to pick from, just like creating your own pretty small boxes for containing sweets, or even decorating your own champagne flutes. For individuals who do not have the time nor the creativity to make the favours, then choosing to have them expertly made is the next best choice.

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